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Welcome to Ceretas

Ceretas is the professional association that represents individuals and organisations who work in home care either in the statutory, independent or not for profit sector.

Ceretas is a membership organisation that promotes best practice in supporting people to live in their own homes. We produce Good Practice Guides and share information to support members on a practical basis with support and advice on issues that effect the home care sector.

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Ceretas has links with other like minded organisations and represents the sector at meetings with national policy makers and home care regulators on issues that affect our members. The status and recognition of the importance of home care remains a priority for Ceretas and we will continue to promote the sector with national and regional government via a wide range of media and other communication networks.

Please browse through our website and contact us if you have any questions, but better still, wh y not join Ceretas and not only add your voice where it matters, but share in the wealth of our experience? Follow the link on the left of this page and you will see that we offer a membership level to suit everyone involved in the provision of professional Home Care services.

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Ceretas Membership

Ceretas has several types of membership, see below for the category that best meets your requirements.